Tingling Sensation and Indoor Tanning Lotions – What’s so important?

You might have heard people complaining about the tingling sensations in skins after use of indoor tanning lotions. You might have, if you ever used, an indoor tanning lotion – a numbness or tingling sensation, like something is crawling inside your skin or something is going wrong inside your blood or flesh… May be you are lucky enough that you haven’t experience, but this a fact – that it happens frequently!

What is this numbness or crawling sensation? What this tingling sensation is – actually? These are some very common question which you might get after having such experience or reading something about! According to most authentic medical sources, we can precisely say; the sensations of numbness and tingling are some sort of prickling and crawling sensations inside your skin. you can feel such feelings generally in any part of the body, but mainly these feelings are felt in arms,legs,feet and hands. for example – when you put pressure on your body or having cross-legs for sometime- you get your that part fall asleep.. actually this is due to poor circulation of blood inside your body! Many people don’t use indoor lotions because they think – it may result in worst, if they use some indoor tanning lotions. They are right to some extent, simply speaking, but not up to 100%.

Tingling Sensation and Indoor Tanning Lotions

Safe or unsafe – what’s the actual story?

Though, honestly speaking – no one can answer accurately about the safety of such tingling sensation – after use of indoor lotions. But researchers say that this sensation is not associated with anything wrong within your body. You can say, like, when you naturally feel a numbness or tingling sensation, in any part of your body – like in foot, due to poor circulation of blood. At that time you are assured that you haven’t done anything wrong with your body – it’s just natural! So, same is just with this case of tingling sensation, produced after using some tanning lotions

What people think – reviews?

Well, the most important thing about any product is – the customers, for sure – those people who use that product.

  • Some people think – using indoor lotions are extremely harmful, from many aspects – no doubt – a product which isn’t even FDA approved can’t be a beneficial one, but still indoor tanning lotions have captured the market attention, so something must be existing – within tanning lotions – which is extremely attractive
  • The second type of people, our most European youth – the modern and adventurous, they don’t even bother to read the side effects of any product.
  • There are also some people – who even don’t know – what the tingling sensations are? And if they are asked about such sensations – they may say… Really? We don’t know about! Do they exist? Or you must be joking!!

So, different people think with different perspectives. But, at least, one must have some basic know – how about the products they are using. We are not here to convince you – to do a deep research or study each product – not at all, for sure, but it is really essential to read the label and ingredients – at least, of the products, you are using

How tingling sensation is produced?

An important question – you might have asked from your salon specialist or dermatologists – “why I get some addition sensation in skin – other than tan, with these lotions, even I just want my skin to tan?” Basically, tanning lotions are meant to increase the UV exposure to your skin. It also increases the melanin release inside your body. These lotions increase the blood flow of your body – whenever you have some abnormal rate of blood flow – you will always get numbness and tingling sensation- that’s so simple

It is highly recommended for you to always talk about every product – like whatever you are going to apply on your skin, with your dermatologist. Stay safe and have a best life!

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