The Best Alternative to Natural Sun Tanning – Indoor Taning Lotion

Indoor tanning lotions are far good as compared to natural sun tan – we are saying this on some solid basis. You know – when you go outside, you are exposed to sunlight… this sunlight is extremely harmful for you because it consists of UV rays. UV rays penetrate into your skin and cause your genetic setup to get disturbed. Though you get a sun tan but also gain many harmful skin disorders additionally. So, it really risky – no doubt!

What makes indoor tanning lotions safer – as compared to natural sun tan? The story behind the safety of sun – tanning depends on the amount of UV rays, you are exposed to. When you are exposed to skin, you can’t control the UV rays – you receive… by using indoor tanning lotions – you are able to provide your skin – a limited amount of dose that is needed as well

Sunscreen and indoor tanning lotions – what’s the difference

Natural Sun Tanning

The two opposite terms – indoor tanning lotions and sunscreens – are confused and mixed a lot. Sunscreens are meant to block the UV exposure while tanning lotions are meant to expose your skin to greater amount of UV. Never use your indoor tanning lotion as a sun –block before going outside.

Indoor tanning lotion – what’s so important

indoor tanning lotion

Why do people prefer the indoor lotions over the natural sun – tan? There are many reasons. Few of them are discussing below:

  • Tanning lotions not only provide you a uniform tan but also moisturize your skin. When your skin is moisturized, you get a better tan. There is an extensive use of antioxidants in the making of indoor tanning lotions. These antioxidants give your skin – an amazing look.
  • Natural tan dries your skin and gives your skin bad and unpleasant look. Tanning lotions are meant to give you some awesome piece of attractive looks
  • If you want to have best tanning results – you must always use best indoor tanning lotion for your skin. We have observed many people who consider indoor and outdoor tanning lotions – the same. You must know that outdoor tanning lotions are some sort of sun- block… never use your outdoor tanning lotion for your tanning session – it will ruin your acrylic lining inside your tanning bed

Going to use tanning lotion for the first time – what’s the basic knowledge, you must have!

If you are going to have you indoor tan, for the very first time – or simply speaking, you are going to use indoor tanning lotions for the first time – you must know that you are using some product that depends on the nature of your skin, for its working.

Some people get tanning result very quickly; some people need hours to get tan. Some people need a high amount of tanning lotion to get a tan; some people require minute quantity – it all depends on your skin and the quality of indoor tanning lotions, you are using.

  • Always have a skin test before using any new skin product
  • Always use a eye protector, if you are using indoor tanning lotion for the first time
  • Cover your nostrils and lips before applying the tanning lotion
  • Some tanning lotions are made, just for your legs – other are meant to apply on your arms. Always read the label of the tanning product completely before applying it

All the indoor tanning lotions are not the same. High quality and branded tanning lotions would have best result. The saying “you get what you pay for” applies in every case of marketing and supply. If you really want a great tan, stay away from the cheap products. Stay safe and enjoy this tanning session!

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