Memory foams – customers’ satisfaction and reviews

We decided to do a research after listening and reading so much good about memory foams. It is a fact that memory foams products are gaining amazing respect by their users. No doubt, there is a great advancement of technology indulged in their manufacturing. But, no product could be 100% adequate. There are some flaws in every product. So, to know the actual truth, we organized a research in which we got opinions about memory foam mattress topper reviews and its products from the customers. This article is developed to give you the most authentic information regarding the use of memory foams.

memory foam

What are memory foams?

Memory foams are polyurethane with such chemicals that tend to increase density and viscosity.

  1. This product gained highest satisfaction rate of users.
  2. Provides you better sleep and relieves major body pains
  3. Have heat regulation properties
  4. Some flaws include high price and smells due to the use of chemicals.

This was a general preview of memory foam. Now, we will compare different foams with respect to their performances and customers’ satisfaction.

Memory foam vs. spring foam

  • Memory foam prevents back pains and sore joints while spring foam may adds to your back pain
  • Memory foam is durable and firm in nature while spring foams start wear and tear after some months.
  • Best from medical point of view. Memory foams are recommended by many physiotherapists while spring foam is one of most disliked product.
  • Spring foams are cheap and economical while memory foams are expensive.
  • Memory foam absorbs heat of the body and gives a calm sleep while spring foams have no such roles.           

Memory foam vs. latex foam

  • Memory foams and latex both are healthy foams
  • Memory foam gives you comfort, latex cant
  • Memory foam is synthetic, means having chemical, while latex foam are natural in nature.

Organic Latex Foam

So, it was a brief comparison. Now it’s a time to know reviews of customers about different aspects of memory foam.

How to buy memory foam – clients’ reviews

67% of customer said that buying memory foam online is better. They had the following opinions:

  • You don’t need to waste your time – going to shop and choosing one foam in 100s is a hectic job
  • People who buy online products have more knowledge than an average lay man
  • You can get additional offers like free home delivery

While rest of the population was in favor, with this statement, that buying any product online might be risky. In case of memory foam products, you might get an old or substandard product if you have not tested it in shop.

We also got amusement, listening people talking about different terms like foundation or base of foams and mold/mildew. We didn’t know these terms before, let’s discuss them now!

Memory foam foundations – A client review

One of customer expressed his feeling regarding memory foam usage. He told that memory foams work well when their foundation or frame is in good condition. He added that memory foams are designed to stay in such frames that are solid, non-spring foundation and having less irregularities.

Memory foam is really expensive – what do customers think?

Memory foam is one of the expensive products in markets. But this is a fact that a man has to pay for his health and good sleep. Why memory foams are so much high in prices – following are some of the conclusions which can be assumed:

  • Memory foams are standardized and idealized product
  • Memory foams are thicker and denser than other foams available in markets
  • Memory foams have gained highest respect of customers all over the world
  • Memory foam products are of high quality, no doubt
  • These products are much more comfortable and luxurious product as compared to other bedding and seating products available in markets

Though it’s a fact that memory foam is not an economical product, but its turning and tossing resistance and pressure-point relief capacity is above the average. Buy standard products and enjoy a healthy life style.

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