Ice Makers for Home Use Portable vs Built-In Machines

As you already know, ice makers are big in the market of kitchen appliances these days. Back in the old days, ice makers are an appliance that is considered expensive and exclusively used for business only. But things have changed since, and now you can have your very own ice maker right in your kitchen countertop. Yes, you’ve got ice makers for home use now.


First of all, let’s look into the benefits of having an ice maker. Generally, the ice maker machines are designed to produce a large amount of ice quickly and efficiently. Compared to a freezer ice maker, independent ice maker can keep up with the supply. When you have friends and relatives over for a party, you will need a large amount of ice to serve the guests.

Ice makers are also a great choice of the machine when you just cannot love ice trays and bulky ice bags. Being efficient in producing ice, it is clear that the machines use less energy, thus cost effective. Ice makers can also be used in many places. You place it in your backyard bar or even take it with you when you’re on the road for vacation.

Now you know the general benefits of the ice maker, let’s move on to the advantages  the specific ice makers for home use. There are two types of ice makers for home use, the portable ice makers and the built in ones.

There are three main advantages of portable ice makers for home use. Firstly, these machines are portable, as the name claims. These ice makers can be moved from place to place as needed. You can have it in your kitchen for daily use, and you can carry it around in your RV when you go camping. As long as you have an AC/DC adapter, you may have ice produced by these machines easily.Second, portable ice makers are compact in size. The machines are considered small and light, thus making it easy to move around and maintain. You can clean and store the machines easily. Third, portable ice makers don’t require a water line. You don’t have to connect a water line to these machines. All you need is a power line and water poured into the machines.

The second type of ice makers for home use is the built-in one. These built-in ice makers are designed to be built into another structure, such as into the kitchen counter.  There are three basic advantages you can get from these machines. First, these built-ins only need to be installed once. They are similar to your dishwasher; they need to be installed as a permanent fixture. Built-in ice makers are generally installed under the kitchen counter. Second, these built-ins have a large ice making capacity. They ensure you a steady flow of ice, which mean they work great for parties. Third, built-in ice makers are generally automatic. These machines don’t require much manual work such as pouring water everytime the ice runs out. Most models of built-in ice makers are designed to work automatically.

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